Are you a U Go Grl?


Would you like a personal figurine?

What an amazing gift to receive: a piece of beautiful and unique art in your own image, and at the same time: a fun and inspirational outburst feminine energy and power!

Would you like to own a personal U Go GrlZ figurine inspired by you in your favourite outfit and with your beloved cat on the arm?
I can make you dressed as Marilyn Monroe, posing as Mona Lisa or in your own personal and favourite outfit :-)

U Go GrlZ can be ordered as one of a kind customized figurines or even as a one of a kind poster.
The prices start at 397,- Euro/ 2.950,- DKR (Danish crowns) for one customized figurine.

When you order

I will ask you send me several photos of you or the person you want to be made into a UGoGrlZ:
- Whole body from the front
- Whole body from the side
- The face from the front - showing hair and skin colour
- Photo of the clothes that you would like the UGoGrlZ to wear
(not necessarily ON you - a picture from an online store is fine)
Detail photos can be helpful

Let me know if you would like a specific pose eg. yoga pose, reading or holding a cake etc.
Let me know if you would like a child or an animal included etc.

NOTE: The figurines will always be my interpretation and in the UGoGrlZ style.

Read about the ordering process: HERE

Are you ready to order here