About UGoGrlZ

U Go GrlZ are designer toys, Art toys, figurines - with a mission: To inspire to new ideals for beauty and give women some extra confidence. It’s about time.

The idea for U GO GrlZ started with a wish!
My wish is to influence every woman in the World and provide a little extra confidence - to let go and live freely, without the pain of feeling inadequate - because of today’s rigid beauty ideals. You are beautiful no matter what you weigh.
The little UGGZ powerhouses empowers and energizes with their fun and humorous look. U Go GrlZ are role models doing ANY activity.

If you are happy = you are beautiful

All the U Go GrlZ wear combat boots - they are ready to fight for their happiness! They all have a pair of beautiful wings on the back because we should all trust that we can "FLY" - and reach any goal!

At the moment all UGGZ are OOAK (one of a kind) pieces and hand modelled in paperclay. This amazing product makes figurines quite lightweight and gives a wooden feel to the surface.
Paperclay is like very very fine papermache - and you can actually make the clay yourself!

The figurines have all been handpainted in a happy colourful style with acrylic paint and then sealed with two coats of artists varnish.

The figurines are designed and produced by hand in Denmark and will be reproduced in a limited and numbered amount.

And it is possible to have customized versions made.
In your favourite outfit or with your pet on the arm,

Kick it - you deserve it all
I have so many ideas for new UGGZ in stock, because I take note of all the trendy women I see in the streets. Also what happens in the media, classic icons from movies or music, art inspire me a lot.

The process: I decide on a theme,  research details for the looks I’ve decided on and then I make raw sketches. I like to work and model freely and find the right shape while working.

I make a skeleton from steel wire and tin paper and add the paperclay, layer by layer. The paperclay layers needs to dry in between. I work on several figurines at the same time to make sure that the clay dries properly.

I'm working on next level of the production process, which is reproducing my UGGZ by casting them in silicone moulds, and reproduce them in a plaster composite with a centre of recycled glass.