Behind UGoGrlZ

My name is Bine (she/her)
I am the woman behind the U Go GrlZ universe!

I consider myself an ARTivist - a fine art toy maker :-D
I was praised for my creativity as a small child and started modelling figurines even then. These little human mirrorings always had my special interest, but for many years I was focused on my career in digital design.

SO... I collected female figurines! But I always found it difficult to ferret out figurines that looked and felt like ME.
The female art toys were all over sexualized with hyper idolized bodies.
The picture shows me as 6-7 years old with one of my first serious products This is me today with my monster family :-D
 And even though I have been working in so many other creative directions, the GrlZ were always in my heart and at some point, in 2016, they just wanted OUT!!
And that's where the real U Go GrlZ journey started for me.

I hope you will enjoy them just as much as I do :-D

I hold a degree from The Danish School of Arts and Crafts, I’ve worked in the fashion industry and started my own creative company maaany years ago. I mostly did web design, illustrations, animations and graphic design. But also taught specifically design programs.

After high school I landed a job as assistant to the designers at Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) here in Copenhagen. Where I got a taste for and of the clothes industry, and amongst other projects, drew so many fun prints for children's clothes.