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The brand "Dove" has taken it on themselves to make a change. Have you seen their report from 2016 about the state of female body confidence.
I do not think the results are really that surprising, but at the same time it is quite overwhelming to see the numbers "on paper".

See the infographics HERE
”Seven  in  ten  girls... - stop themselves from eating, when they are worried about their appearance, or otherwise put their health at risk by not seeing a doctor. For adult women it’s an incredible nine in ten.”
It's frustrating to realize how much energy is used on thinking about looks instead of happiness!

”Eight in ten girls... - opt out of important life activities, such as trying out for a team or joining a club at school, if they don’t feel good about the way they look”
I like that a brand not just thinks about earnings, but also realize that they have an opportunity to do good in the World.
Take a look their beauty pledges:

Dove Real Beauty Pledge

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